Romantic Pasts

During the first half of the 20th century, Anglo promoters and citrus producers romanticized California’s colonial Spanish heritage. Images of mission bells, festive fandangos, and Spanish Senoritas promoted a mythologized view of the Spanish Era in California, ignoring the often violent realities of the period. Events like the “El Aguila” play, took advantage of the popularity of Spanish imagery to make space for Mexican representation. El Club Dramático Mexicano and the Redlands House of Neighborly service put on “El Aguila” “a romantic play of old Mexico” with an entirely Mexican cast including Marta Park, Andonio Jimenez, Jose Munoz and Filiberto Romero. This play cast an imagined “old Mexico” as a relaxing place full of dancing and singing.

Main cast of 'El Aguila' 1932

Main cast of “El Aguila” 1932