Sweet and Sour Citrus is part of the Relevancy & History Project partnership between the Public History Program at the University of California (UC), Riverside, and California State Parks. It is named for a series of public programs initiated to launch the Relevancy & History (R&H) Project in 2016. R&H was developed in response to needs identified by Parks Forward Transformation Team, to innovate inclusive, community-based research, interpretation, and partnerships, and create pathways for employment reflective of the demographics of the State. R&H pilot projects are at California Citrus State Historic Park, in partnership with UC Riverside, and at El Presidio de Santa Bárbara State Historic Park, with UC Santa Barbara.

Sweet and Sour Citrus also represents portions of A People’s History of the I.E.: Storyscapes of Race, Place, and Queer Space in Southern California, organized by Drs. Catherine Gudis, Audrey Maier, and Jennifer Tilton alongside countless community members and students.

Seed funding for Sweet and Sour Citrus is from legislative appropriations to California State Parks for the Relevancy & History Project partnership between the Public History Program at the University of California, Riverside, and California Citrus State Historic Park. These span 2016 to 2023.

Logos for Cal State Parks, UC Riverside Public History, and Relevancy and History Project

Additional funding has been provided by the Teresa and Byron Pollitt Endowed Term Chair for Interdisciplinary Research and Learning in the Humanities and Social Sciences at UCR. Support for mapping and digital archiving of A People’s History of the I.E.: Storyscapes of Race, Place, and Queer Space in Southern California is provided by the National Endowment for the Humanities-Social Science Research Council Sustaining Humanities Infrastructure Project, University of Redlands Center for Spatial Studies, and UCR Library’s Digital Scholarship. Additionally, Partners listed below have contributed in-kind and other grant-funded assistance to facilitate our collaborations.

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Citrus Power Crew

The Citrus Power Crew is Cathy Gudis, Audrey Maier, Steve Moreno-Terrill, and Megan Suster, working collaboratively and with a changing roster of project participants from the list below.

Sweet and Sour Citrus Digital Project Team

Dr. Catherine Gudis and Dr. Audrey Maier (2016–present)
Dr. Sarah Junod (2017–2020)
Dr. Sharon Sekhon, Studio for Southern California History (2016–2017)

Relevancy & History Project Teams

University of California, Riverside
Project Director: Dr. Catherine Gudis
Public and Digital Humanities Fellows: Dr. Audrey Maier (2016–2021); Dr. Sarah Junod (2017-2020)
Public Humanities Fellows: Steven Moreno-Terrill (2016-2017); Dr. Megan Suster (2016-2017); Mayela Caro (2017-2018); William Madrigal, Jr. (2016)

California Citrus State Historic Park (CCSHP)
Teresa Pope (District Interpretive Chief, State Parks Inland Empire District)
Dr. Megan Suster (2017–2020), Old Town San Diego State Historic Park (2020-2021)
Steven Moreno-Terrill (2018-2021)
Jennifer Williams (2020)
Debbie George (2017)
Cheryl Madrigal (2016)

California State Parks (alphabetical order)
Enrique Arroyo (CCSHP and Chino Hills Park Manager)
Michaele DeBoer (former Transformation Team, External Affairs Division Superintendent II)
Kelly Elliott (Inland Empire District Superintendent)
Ryann Gill (Silverwood Sector District Superintendent, former CCSHP Superintendent)
James Newland (Program Manager for Strategic Planning and Recreation Services, cofounder Relevancy & History Project)
Sean Woods (former Transformation Team, LA Sector Superintendent)
Blythe Wilson (Relevancy & History Manager)

Special thanks are due to the anonymous and recognized peer reviewers of Relevancy & History Project exhibitions, who provided helpful comments and suggestions. They include: Dr. Margie Brown-Coronel, Donna Graves, Dr. Cherstin Lyon, Dr. Vince Moses, James Newland, Dr. Robert Perez.

Many graduate and undergraduate students at UCR, California State University, San Bernardino, and University of Redlands have participated in the Relevancy & History Project, A People’s History of the I.E., and related collaborations. They include Sierra Andrew, Tejpaul Bainiwal, Priscilla Barraza, John Bergmann, Alessandra Brambila, Tevin Bui, Raymond Burns, Edward Caldera, Mayela Caro, Amanda Castro, Diana Ramirez Diaz, Grace Ericson, Marissa Friedman, Gregory Gallegos, Allegria Garcia, Heather Garrett, Katherine Gordon, Aileen Hernandez, Araceli Hernandez, Juan Hernandez, Daisy Herrera, Jocelyn Herrera, Joshua Ingram, Sarah Junod, Yan Lai, Keani Lei Lee, Camila Llosa, Bradley Luevanos, Will Madrigal, Yvonne Chamberlain Marquez, Viviana Martinez, Nicole Mayhew, Mauricio Mejia, Brenna Moran, Steven Moreno-Terrill, Daisy Ocampo, Steven Orcasitas, Jacob Orr, Micah Padilla, Eithan Parayno, Carol Park, Sebastian Piscuskas, Yuki Proulx, Sergio Robles, Luis Rodriguez, Ethan Roesler, Ahtziry Ruiz, Ali Saadat, Misti Childers Sanchez, Greg Sanchez, Mary Sarchizian, Kate Schoenrank, Jillian Surdzial, Megan Suster, Taka Takahito, Angela Tate, Riona Tsai, Samantha Velasco, Alexander Wilson, Amanda Wixon.

Special thanks to the gracious men, women, and children fea­tured in the art installations and ongoing exhibitions, as well as the following:

Antonio Vasquez and Inland Mexican Heritage, Helen Adams Armstrong, Kevin Akin, Margie Akin, Kate Alexandrite, Krystal Boehlert, Corona-College Heights Cit­rus Association, Cleda Givens-Bullock, Gless Ranch, Living Museum of California Indian Cul­tures, Samuel Aguilar, Adriana Alexan­der; Edward Bill, Maria Carrillo, Edward Chang, Kelley Clark, Lisa Crane, Juan Delgado, Jay Dhruva, Kathleen Dopler, Silvia Farfan, Cynthia Karimi Garcia, Erin Gettis, Jas­mine Gonzalez, Nathan Gonzales, Kevin Hallaran, Theresa Hanley, Joe Hamlin, Kanani Hooper, Thelma E. King, Steve Lech, Judy Lee, Eunice Lisberg, Ron Loveridge, Cherstin Lyon, Michelle Magalong, Arnold Martin, Rose Mayes, Ruth McCormick, Tom McGov­ern,  Linda Melendez, Allen Morton, Eugene Moy, Luz Negron, Drew Ober­juerge, Aggie Padilla, Mary Pasillas, Samantha Reid, David Rios, Eric Romero, Rosalind Sagara, Linda Salinas-Thompson, Amy Scott, Joyce Silva, Lovella Singer, Lorene Sisquoc, Rachel Starry, Susan Straight, Frank Taylor, Chilo Te, Darlene Trujillo-Elliot, Frances Vasquez, Melissa Vasquez, Manuel and Yolanda Venegas, M. Malia Vincent-Finney, Glenn Wetzel, Katherine Wilson, Michiko Yoshimura.