Riverside Latino Historic Context Statement

1910 Cinco de Mayo celebration in Casa Blanca, Riverside

Cinco de Mayo celebration in Casa Blanca, Riverside, 1910.

Riverside County Mexican American Historical Society.

Riverside is home to one of the oldest, most cohesive Latino communities in California. Across generations, this community was built by pioneering immigrants, migrant workers and entrepreneurs, community organizers and civil rights leaders, teachers and artists, business owners and volunteers. For well over a century, the Latino community in Riverside has made a vital, immeasurable contribution to the City’s growth and prosperity.

The Riverside Latino Historic Context Statement characterizes the City’s Latino history and identifies themes that have been significant in the community’s history. It serves as a planning and land use tool for the City of Riverside, so that decisions affecting historic buildings, sites, landscapes, and objects can be made that consider and respect the rich cultural heritage of the Latino community. The historic context statement serves as an important resource unto itself, as it details some of the people and places exemplifying the Latino experience in Riverside and beyond.